Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We went to this restaurant called "The Death Penalty" and no one was getting served their order so we left

My mind goes ape shit when I think of the families sitting there, running over in their memories the vivid details of their loved one's murder. How scared that person must have been before being killed, how fast their heart was pumping and how they dreamed for their knight in shining armor to come save them. Or maybe some miraculous pardon from above where all of a sudden their killer would change their mind. There's nothing they could have done but only a million things differently, as flashes of who they'd miss the most and what they'd wished they'd said the last time they spoke. These poor families sit there and think what their convicted killer who raped their loved one before they took their life and enjoyed their brother or sister's last gasp for air as some fucking sick form of entertainment...they think "I wonder what that asshole's eating for lunch today. I wonder if he slept well last night."

The system is garbage because these murderers, predominantly male, actually a little over 98% of those on death row, are awaiting their death sentence on average over 15 to 20 years. Since 1977 until 2006, over 7,115 people have been sentenced to death, and only 15 people have been exonerated from further DNA evidence. Currently the worst state by rate of murder is Louisiana with 14.2 per 100K people, and then Alabama and Maryland buddying up to just under 1o people per. New Hampshire seems to be the safest place to live with the lowest murder rate of 1 in 100K, maybe a great place to hitchhike. Now I'm not one for wasting time on a death sentence because that person convicted sure as hell didnt waste time on their victim. I bet it took them no more than a day, and we have advocates out there begging and pleading that these men deserve better, dare I say humane, treatment for their crime. Are you people psychotic? I might suggest we get you checked out, because the day that your wife or daughter is murdered is the day you're buying a gun and killing that piece of shit yourself. It's just because it hasnt happened to you that you stand high and mighty, but listen, eye for an eye my friend, even if it's limited only to those intentional murders of completely innocent people.

I'm so confused about why it costs so much to kill someone, and why we're so bent on making it civil. Fine, electrocution isn't civil but lethal injection sure is. I've had several surgeries where I've been knocked out and it was like falling into a dream. I can't imagine this isn't too far fetched from some heroine addict overdosing on something that isn't good for their system. Let's bring it back to the old days, we can have these 7,115 people gone in no time. Actually there's 3,309 people currently on death row still waiting, the most actually in California probably because it's so nice outside why waste a day indoors dealing with some maniacs. Seriously though, there are 667 inmates in CA awaiting death which is nearly double the next closest state Florida with 397. We can move this right along though by just calling up your local lumber yard, get them to create 10 guillotines and line them all up in a row. There's 1440 minutes in day, one murderer every minute just liked they'd learned in elementary school, single file please, and you'd be done in one day. In fact, you'd have room for another three rounds of 3 thousand. You might cringe at this idea like nails on a chalkboard, but why? These people don't deserve to live because they spared no remorse at exterminating someone else's life, end of story. We wouldnt have to pay for these people to eat, sleep, shower and shit for years on end like they earned it. There would be no more legal argument about the costs of capital punishment and those families would be served their one last shred of comfort. If you really think this is crass, look up some articles on how women are treated in other countries, take Somalia for example. A girl, 13 years old was supposedly raped and that's what she claimed to authorities, however they believe she consented and was actually an adulterer; which is gross to even think she was married at that age. Therefore they threw her in a pit and had the public stone her to death. Look it up, it's even believed that the woman might have been 23, but what's the difference. The woman was stoned to death for having sex or being raped. You tell me if either one is a capital offense. Please, let's not go looking at me or anyone who agrees with my aggressive remarks as animals. Think about our grandfathers who killed when their country told them too, and the grandfathers before them who killed thousands of men (native americans) just for land. Although these men got away with murder we often know it was okay because the men they killed were known as the bad guys. Did we put the bad guys on trial to see what their story was? We probably even threw our men a welcome home party, and yet we can't even make up our mind to consider a convicted murderer a bad guy as well?

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