Saturday, December 6, 2008

If you could....would you?

Have someone killed and never be found out for it....if you were offered the option, would you request it?

It's more like one of those dream scenarios where normally this would never be available yet you can answer the question as serious as you mean it to be. Mainly because it's not life and death, literally. Would you make such a rash decision that remorse and depression may overcome you? Or would you just try and block it out like it never happened, and that coincidentally you just never see that person anymore because they moved away? I think it would be either of those options and not one where you still cherish and salivate at the thought of having gotten rid of someone. Maniacs with troubled minds can act that way because they lack control of themselves, but a reasonable person I doubt could hardly pretend they're satisfied (unless drastic tragedies were inflicted by their prey). In my life there's only been a couple people that I wanted dead, and I'm not talking people that are already dead or anyone that's committed some unspeakable crime, because those actually make the answer much easier. But these people are oddly far flung from any contact these days or ever again. I look back now and think at the time I hated them and wished them the worst, but now I could care less. One was a Vice Principal at my high school, and the other an accounting teacher at my Financial Analyst position. These two worthless pieces aren't even worth my time, but they bothered me like a bouncer does a group of guys waiting in line. He flexes his muscles and utilizes superiority that's unjustified. They label you the minute they look at you as if they're better, and that they've earned it. Remember though, someone with an outright obnoxious attitude offers a clear read on their hand.

Back to the question....Does that someone deserve so much of your time and stress? Is it all worth the risk? Is it so meaningful to you that your needs outweigh the ones of his or her own family? You and I have no idea who that person is when they go home at night, and honestly, why would it be my business anyway? Because they've made a fool of me and deserve justice? We'll be made to look like fools by hundreds of people throughout our lives, so should we kill them all? No we have to learn from it. What I'm getting at is the question itself, although easy and fun to play with because you're not really "offing" anyone, you are driving home a conclusion that's half-assed because a decision was made in the heat of the moment. Thinking about the impact of your decisions, not just on you, but on them is what makes you a stronger, smarter person.....think about it, they did the opposite.

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