Sunday, November 30, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire

Sometimes you see a movie and it changes your life. Your life in that moment, not forever but in that time that you're currently challenged with. It's so good that you want to be the main character, someone who is utterly selfless and deathly in love. And maybe it’s a moment of weakness in our own condition, maybe I need that relationship he’d finally gotten, maybe I deserve that love that he had, because the story had to come from somewhere, these things exist. I can achieve anything cant I? So why not head over heels mutual infatuation? Why not in a slum, just like it happened in Shantaram. Real couples and families living and loving amongst the most horrid of conditions, because that’s the hand they were dealt and even in its squalor, they still find love, suck up their pride and move on in life for whatever happy reason. Sometimes we walk out of a movie and we want nothing but to stay in our car and drive all night….so late in the night that no one's on the road, and nothing but the windows down and whipping wind can cure us. No music, no conversations, just an eery smile and gleaming eyes revealing your thoughts….just more time before reality strikes you that it’s over, you’re not actually there, it was just a movie. But it’s not just a movie. It wasn’t some cheap comedy where the beginning and end are exactly the same, or some action thriller where the bad guy is introduced in the second scene as a good guy you’d never expect. This was a story, and one quite close to real, and it took you away for once. A last meal, is that just a meal? It’s a definition of who you are, what you’ve longed for right before you die. Something that transcends you to another place, somewhere you remember or always wanted to be. Slumdog Millionaire was one of those movies where it leaves its mark in your mind. Shot in India, I wished I’d been exposed to such a culture, and yet I don’t. I wish I had such confidence and belief that destiny had a way of playing its part with time. The challenge is, how green is that grass you seek, and how permanent is your loss once you've given it up to find out? In this case, there wasn't much to lose and that there makes a decision a heck of a lot easier.

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