Sunday, November 30, 2008

an inside out tighty-whitey intro

From the confines of my studio apt I come to you....well I'm not exactly broadcast through your speakers, but Im leaving some notes if you ever come a'knockin. I might say I'm in my upper twenties, maybe 35 by the time you read this. I came to LA with a job in that fantastic line of work where grandma and grandpa call every other day just to see how their portfolio's performing. Yup, you guessed Oh you're smart, yes, I'm now unemployed. I worked in New York, mainly the city all my life, either painting or wallpaper hanging for my dad and my uncle, before graduating college. Dreading the idea of re-entering Wall Street it's like going to a local carnival for the fiftieth time. Everything there is the same old shit, waste of money, con-artist, bent basketball hoop, hypnotize ya type of shtuff. You know exactly what that huge stuffed animal is gonna do when it gets home....collect dust, take up space and fade in color until finally some douche comes over and plops down on it like some bean bag chair and it explodes. That was me in front of my computer towards the end. A boiling pot of water figuring out what dunny I could add to my collection on eBay while watching my client's money drain through a colander. Either way, that's why I don't want to go back, it was sooo fake. I can't deal with risking other people's money. Lying and telling every phone call they're gonna be'll all come back. So present I am, rocking these Incredible Hulk boxer briefs from H&M. I had my mom buy em for me and my friend as we stared nostalgically, laughing because we wondered if someone was still wearing our original He-Man's twenty years ago that we donated to large dumpster bins behind a King Kullen reading St. Vincent's Collection. My mom likes treating anyone she loves to something. Me and one of my best friends in this case, we'd grown up next door to each other, he was 5 and I was 6. She used to get me a bottle of cologne every time we went to the mall, it was like a tradition of ours as we walked out of Macy's to our car. I still literally have twenty bottles in my dresser, standing crooked on the bubbles of warped wood from sprayed drippage. LA is beautiful though....ridiculous sunsets every single night. I used to die for a good sunset on Long Island and I'd have to zoom down to Jones Beach with a blanket or hoodie if I suspected one. You'd be lucky if you caught it over the Robert Moses bridge because the reflection off the water and how high you are versus the land, it's like the huge hill coming down Santa Monica to Pacific Coast Highway, there's no better view but from the top of those cliffs or that bridge across the country. No matter how cliche the discussion of weather is, you really take it for granted here. It's just so much easier to be happy, especially if you've got family or friends nearby. Speaking of fam and friends, I left them all to come here. You never know in life what type of transitional stage you're in or where you'll be in 5 years. This'll be an experience I draw upon for my kids in case they ever want to take a risk or try living elsewhere. Knowing that I did it, why wouldnt I support their same excitement toward discovery? There's nothing twenty minutes on a webcam cant cure. It's not the end of the world, just a melting period. Shed some layers, earn some new ones and travel the diameter of life's circle even better than our parents did. Leaving behind a positive impression on as many people you love as possible...what else is life really all about?

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