Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day for Kevin

Brodie, you’re a dad!

You could do anything you want, on this, such a day
Go back to being a kid, lots of life to portray.

Nintendo was our vice, any addict would admit
Of course til Turbo Graphics, offered 16-bit.
Tetris was a bitch, with that damned speedy ball
If any drug could’ve helped, it'd be Add-er-all.
I’d like to say that Contra, brought out a better side
Vet therapists resist, in this they can’t confide.
If not for our games, we’d find a tree to swing
Or little bombs of dirt, many cars, we would fling.

Rummaging through cards, we’d choose Donruss or Topps
For Stadium Club and Upper Deck, rich kids would tap their pops.
Lake houses, wake-boarding, sometimes we’d hit the mountain
On friends trampolining, you’d piss a yellow fountain.
Camping was our outlet, so wild, so free oh boy
Onto my sister’s friend, you’d release or vent, poor Joy.

Sometimes a day so dear, dismissed with zero chatter
Friends and dads like you all praise
For matter, you do so most.

-keep it real my man

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